How to block friends on facebook without unfriending them

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Sometimes, you just wish to show certain updates, posts or pictures to certain friends but not your other friends. Sometimes, you kind of hate a person who added you and you want to wipe him or her out from your facebook but yet you do not want to let the prson know by unfriending him or her. Sometimes, you want to have private sharing that shoud be kept from someone, like your big boss or your mum, but you cannot simply remove the person after he or she has added you. If any of this fit your pattern, what you need is blocking features provided by facebook.


How to block friends on facebook without unfriending them – privacy settings

First, click on the ‘Privacy Setting’ option in the dropdown which appears after pressing the setting icon on the top right corner of facebook website. From the left menu, choose ‘Blocking’ and you will reach ‘Managing Blocking’ page. You can create your list of friends you want to block on restricted list and they will be treaded like ‘Public’ and sees only your public sharing even though they are your friends. They will not get notification that you have blocked them. Or you can block single person by keying in the name or email. You can also hinder spammy apps or event invitations. The 5 catagories of managing blocking are:

-          Restricted list

-          Block users

-          Block app invites

-          Block event invites

-          Block apps


How to block friends on facebook without unfriending them – facebook profile

If you do not prefer a global setting applied using ‘Managing Block’, you can micro-manage who to block by going to the person you want to block individually. Click on the setting icon to the right of the cover photo and pick ‘Report/block’ option. After doing this you have 4 choices:

-          Hide [someone] from news feed

-          Unfriend [someone]

-          Block [someone]

-          Submit a report (about abuse on facebook)



To find out more, see the tutorial on facebook privacy settings

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