What does boost post mean on facebook

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Boost post is a new advertising feature introduced on facebook. Conventional advertising platform is to serve ads on the right sidebar. This feature is a mean of integrating ads into the main story and appears within the posts of a news feed. Of course, your post is visible in the first place but what it does is to boost its placement so that your post will appear on top. . If you are more interested in ‘promote’ from personal account, go to: http://guide.facebookprank.com/facebook-tutorial/what-does-promote-mean-on-facebook


What does boost post mean on facebook - procedures

How are you supposed to boost a post from your fb page? This is in fact really easy. Just click on the ‘boost post’ underneath the selected story you have picked and a pop up will appear, showing you al the details audience, maximum budget, duration and currency. Currently, the audience is set to ‘People who like your Page and their friends’ and the duration is ‘one day’, and you cannot change those. What you can change is the budget and your currency. The upper limit of the budget you set determines how far you reach out to your audience. Higher budget gets you more people you can reach. The price varies and is determined by your geographical location. You can check the performance of your promoted post by clicking on the ‘N people saw this post’ button.


What does boost post mean on facebook – requirements

Although there is no requirement to promote a post from personal account, your need to have at least 400 likes to use the boost post option from a facebook page. You need to accumulate your followers and gain a certain amount of popularity before you can use the feature. Getting likes is important too since you can reach more people from those who like your page.

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